Vernon Davis contract breakdown

Thanks to the fine folks at, here are the numbers for the Davis deal:

A deal like this obviously isn’t a cap crippler, but I have to admit I’m slightly surprised by the structure and numbers. 

Firstly, remember Antonio Gates got two years for $11m with $6m guaranteed, when he was 31. All of VD’s numbers are bigger, most notably though his age. $7.5m guaranteed seems touch high for a 33 year old. 

Secondly, that second year cap hit isn’t insignificant for a 34 year old tight end either. 

I kind of feel if you’re going to structure this deal in a way that suggests you plan on Davis still being an important part of the team in year two, why not guarantee more (or all) of the base salary and try and do away with the signing bonus similar to a Raiders type deal? Comes with the additional benefit of avoiding any dead money should Davis be a cap casualty in year 3. But I guess there’s no guarantee that’s as appealing to the player.

One other thing – Brandon Marshall signed a two-year deal for $12m. Davis three for $15m. I realise there are other moving pieces involved but still, I know which I think looks a lot better.


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