Vernon Davis re-signs with Redskins

Vernon Davis has signed a three year deal to remain with the Redskins.

At 33, I’d imagine the guaranteed money here is pretty low. As a comparison Antonio Gates signed a two year deal last year worth $11m, with $6m guaranteed. Gates may have been slightly older, but he’s also better, so I imagine the two even out and when the details are revealed it wouldn’t surprise me to see that Davis is getting something very similar here. I’ll take a rough stab at 3 years, $12-14m total value with around $6m guaranteed probably in the form of a signing bonus. But all to be confirmed.

This could easily be interpreted as an expensive deal for a guy who is essentially viewed as a backup to Jordan Reed – but Davis played a much more important role than that last season. At times, particularly when DeSean Jackson went missing during the middle part of the season, Davis looked like the best deep threat the Redskins had. Davis ran a 4.38 before he was drafted – I have no idea what time he’d clock now, but I’d bet a substantial sum it’s not all that far off 11 years later.

Plus, Jordan Reed is a near-lock to miss playing time. Add in the snaps where both Reed and Davis were on the field at the same time, and you’re really not paying for a backup here.

With the futures of key players like Garcon and Jackson hanging in the balance, you could argue that at times, Davis was just as key to the offense. I think this is an important move from the Redskins to bring him back.

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