It was a good run while it lasted

In news that surprises nobody, Scot McCloughan has been officially fired by the team. In news that surprises probably very few, the team are officially blaming “ongoing problems with alcohol” as the reason.

It may be a while before the real truth comes out (and it will, it always does), but until then we can look forward to the he-said she-saids, the conspiracy theories, and the accusations of smear campaigns.

Whatever the reason, I for one am thankful to McCloughan for what’s been a really enjoyable – and competitive – two years with the Redskins. For a moment there it almost seemed like we had… stability. How foolish do we feel now.

If you’ve ever experienced a time of great personal stress or trauma in your life, you may have experienced that really weird sensation immediately after you wake up in the morning sometimes. For the briefest of brief moments, it feels like your brain has no recollection of the trauma. For a few blissful seconds it’s almost like it never happened at all. Then, suddenly and violently, it all comes crashing back down on top of you. That’s kind of like how those two years and this past sequence of events at Redskins Park have felt like.

As for stability, there is no light at the end of that tunnel as things stand. In fact, we may be mere days from the tunnel caving in completely.

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