Kirk Cousins didn’t actually ask for a trade

Five days ago ESPN’s Chris Mortensen reported that Kirk Cousins had approached Dan Snyder personally to request a trade. I’m not quite sure how, but over the coming hours that got twisted – Chinese Whispers style – into a different story. This new variation included one key word that made it very different to the original report – “demanded”.

This didn’t sit right with me. Not for any soapbox-type reason, simply because Kirk doesn’t strike me as the kind of person who would demand anything. He’s way too polite. Maybe I can’t see past the burgundy-tinted specs and he’s a complete ass behind closed doors… but I very much doubt it.

Today on Adam Schefter’s podcast, Cousins set the story straight. Turns out there were no demands, there weren’t even any requests. It was just an “inquiry” type chit-chat with the big boss man for Kirk to get a full understanding of where he sits in the organisations plans. And if Kirk is being transparent with how that conversation went (and perhaps more importantly, Snyder was in turn being  transparent with Kirk), it sounds like he sits in the important part of that plan.

If Snyder and Allen were really dead set on trading Cousins, they’d have slapped the non-exclusive franchise tag on him and he’d probably be gone by now.

So does this change anything? Maybe. The needle on my confidence-o-meter has nudged up marginally, but it still seems like there’s a long way to go before a deal gets done. Remember, Kirk is a first team All Pro when it comes to saying the right thing in front of a microphone. He’ll never walk away from that situation with his reputation going anywhere but up. So there’s that.

However, if Snyder genuinely told Cousins he wants to keep him – and he genuinely meant it – that has to mean something. It doesn’t mean he’s definitely going to pay Kirk what he’s worth, but I do believe it means he’s at least going to try.


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