The true value of a first round draft pick

It always fascinates me how so many people view draft picks as being like gold-dust. You daren’t trade them away, you could get a superstar!

Well, yes, you could get a superstar. You could also get a dud.

So I set about trying to collect some data to try and create a visual representation of the fruits recent drafts have yielded. I asked some of my close football friends to help me grade the first round from four drafts between 2011-2014. All these players have been in the league at least three years, which seems to be the de facto threshold before you can truly begin to judge a player.

This is of course, completely objective. In all there are a dozen sets of grades that combine to create an average for each class. Those who have offered their opinion are all people I consider to be highly knowledgeable and avid NFL watchers. Are we experts? Of course not, but as you’ll see from the results – very few are.

Each player was assigned a grade from 1-5 which equates as: 

5: Great 
4: Good 
3: Meh
2: Bad
1: Bust






 I’ll leave the results to your interpretation.

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