53 man roster evaluation

The roster is set, for now. More changes are expected but let’s review what we know so far.


Offense (23)


QB (2): Cousins, McCoy

Good starter, good backup. Sorted. There really was no need to carry Sudfeld another year.

Grade: B+


RB (4): Kelley, Perine, Thompson, Brown

This unit worries me, a lot. Outside of Thompson, the only back who’s role is a lock, there’s a distinct lack of dynamism and true ascending talent. I would advocate a veteran addition here – a player like DeAngelo Williams would probably become the best player immediately.

Grade: D


WR (5): Pryor, Crowder, Doctson, Grant, Quick

I’m more concerned about this unit after a disappointing pre-season. Pryor at this point appears somewhat over-hyped, and who knows how much Doctson will contribute. Grant flatters to deceive on the field every season.

Grade: C+


TE (4): Reed, Davis, Paul, Sprinkle

Plenty of the talent from the first two, playing time is the issue. I like Paul as a sleeper contributor, but would rather have seen the team keep Carrier over Sprinkle.

Grade: A-


OL (8): Williams, Luavao, Long, Scherff, Moses, Nsekhe, Roullier, Catalina

The starters are collectively very good, but the depth here is scarily inexperienced when it comes to NFL starts (Nsekhe 6, Roullier 0, Catalina 0). I imagine this is an area the team look to address immediately.

Grade: B


Defense (27)


DL (6): Allen, McClain, McGee, Hood, Ioannidis, Lanier

The Allen hype has been very high, it’s going to be tough to match (without his potential alone, this unit is graded an E). If he doesn’t, the rest of the guys here are a collection of backups and “what ifs”.

Grade: C-


ED (5): Kerrigan, Smith, Anderson, Galette, Carter

Kerrigan will produce as he always does. Smith is just a guy. Anderson looks a relentless motor type, but has a worrying injury. Galette is the biggest wildcard on the team, I worry with little contribution from him this unit will once again be sub-par.

Grade: C+


LB (5): Foster, Brown, Compton, Spaight, Harvey-Clemons

Brown looks to add a huge boost to this unit making Compton a valuable role player. Harvey-Clemons is an intriguing rookie to keep an eye on.

Grade: B-


CB (6): Norman, Breeland, Fuller, Dunbar, Moreau, Holsey

I feel a lot better about this group after being impressed by the depth guys in pre-season. Breeland is the key – if he disappoints again the defense will get exposed. Don’t be surprised if he’s on a short leash early. Watch out for Moreau.

Grade: B


S (5): Swearinger, Cravens, Everett, Nicholson, McClure

The Swearinger hype is a little much for me this early, but it’s hard to deny this pair of starters far exceeds the talent level of those they replaced. Shock inclusion McClure may be one of the first guys dropped to the practice squad when the team adds help elsewhere later.

Grade: B-


Special Teams (3)

K: Hopkins
P: Way
LS: Sundberg

Unchanged, again. I thought the team might add competition for Hop but I really like him to bounce-back. I think he’s a good kicker.

Grade: B+


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